Language and Culture

Video List

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Etymology of ‘kimono’
Celebrating Chiac
Radio Radio – Jacuzzi
Raitin Jamiekan Di Jamiekan Wie
Tongues of our Fathers (Jamaican creoles)
Grammar Nazis
That’s so gay

Metalanguage about the verbal phrase ‘be like’
Is is is a problem?
Irregardless: a double negative

Erin McKean on dictionaries and the history of English
How English sounds to Italians? Crazy ancestor to hip-hop? You decide
‘I am Canadian’ commercial
Cee Lo Green – “Forget” You
Samuel L. Jackson interview
Fairy godmother
My BFF Jill
Funny German commercial
Do women talk too much?

Bill Labov on the Northern Cities Vowel Shift
Newfoundland English: A ‘nonstandard’ dialect spoken in Canada
Alabama political ad on English Only



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